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    Copper and lightning rod now in Bedrock Beta

    Just as we were getting used to experimenting with sculk sensors and dripstone blocks, another Bedrock beta has arrived with a new batch of items.


    New on Java Realms: The Musical!

    Not to toot my own fiddle but today I’m feelin’ as fit as a trumpet! I know you can’t unring a whistle but I am prepared to blow the bell

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    You know, we used to think "cyberpunk" was when you gave your computer a cool mohawk and lots of tattoos. We have since learned that that is not the case,


    Block of the Week: Shroomlight

    Why do ghasts have such big eyes? We’ll never know for sure, but I’ve got a sneaky suspicion that it’s because the Nether is so dark.

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    Taking Inventory: Arrow

    Too many players die in Minecraft on a regular basis because they insist on using a sword. I get it – swords are easy to craft, simple to use,


    Around the Block: Warped Forest

    Readers that follow this column closely will have noticed something missing from our collection of visitor’s guides of the newest Nether biomes

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