Copper and lightning rod now in Bedrock Beta

Just as we were getting used to experimenting with sculk sensors and dripstone blocks, another Bedrock beta has arrived with a new batch of items. These features include the lightning rod and copper – a metal you can’t spell without “Per”, which pretty much makes it the best Minecraft feature since the introduction of the hopper. I’m not willing to negotiate on this statement, period.

Copper is an ore that (besides its fancy name) can be mined and turned into copper ingots – which in turn can be made into all sorts of useful items. It comes with an interesting property: corrosion. With the power of nature, as well as a few years, this bronze-orange block transforms over time, changing its color to a light green guise.

Our second feature, the lightning rod, might not suffer from corrosion, but it still has nifty abilities of its own. It can redirect and absorb lightning bolts in a large radius, converting the bolt into a powerful redstone signal. Builders in the “highly flammable material” department will find that this item is a lifesaver. Never again will I have to rebuild my entire village, just because I decided to make it with wool blocks. Also, to all you redstone inventors: remember it is mandatory to yell “It’s aliiiiive” whenever you power something with a lightning rod.

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