Around the Block: Warped Forest

Readers that follow this column closely will have noticed something missing from our collection of visitor’s guides of the newest Nether biomes (crimson forest, soul sand valley, basalt delta) earlier this year. In our excitement to explore the depths of Minecraft’s warmest dimension, we forgot to write about the warped forest!

Today that oversight will be fixed as we grip our netherite swords, push aside the twisted vines, and journey into the biome where the Nether meets the End...

The warped forest is a strange place to wander around in. At first look, it could be characterised as an oasis of calm among the typically-brutal biomes of the Nether. But looks can be deceiving.

Like the crimson forest, the warped forest is uncannily alive. Its floor is made up of nylium – a variant of netherrack suffused with fungal matter – though you’ll also come across patches of wart blocks and barren netherrack, which the fungal spread hasn’t yet reached. In the ceiling, you’ll find rich veins of glowstone.

It’s the best place in the game to collect fungi, with many different species on offer. Warped fungus is very common, as well as warped roots, nether sprouts, and the huge, tree-like warped fungi that make the biome feel a little like an Overworld forest. Hanging from the branches of these “trees”, you’ll come across twisting vines and glowing shroomlights. If you’re feeling hungry, then both brown and red mushrooms can be harvested here and turned into a tasty stew.

Piglins and their hoglin livestock, who make their home in the crimson forest, stay far away from the warped forest. You’d be wise to heed their example – the warped forest is a favourite holiday destination for the endermen, who populate its fungal jungle in huge numbers, and would be only too happy to tear you limb from limb if they think you so much as looked at them funny.

For the very bravest of players, this makes the warped forest the best place to farm up the ender pearls you’ll need to locate a stronghold and fill the frame of its End portal. But don’t take the danger lightly – come equipped with the best weapons and armour you can muster.

If you can find a way to coexist with the endermen, then the warped forest is a great place to set up a Nether base. It’s calm, quiet, and full of useful resources. Just don’t be surprised if you enter your home one day and find a hole in your wall, with a terrible pair of purple eyes staring straight through it...

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