Happy Holidays

I knew I should’ve set the alarm for better times-o’clock. While many of us would’ve preferred to just snooze away this challenging year, it (thankfully) had some bright spots for fans of Minecraft. We journeyed into a new, fiery Nether, announced a new update, announced every update ever, joined Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and released Minecraft Dungeons. We even changed our name, which was so inspiring that I changed mine as well. What? Mojang Studios Landin has a nice ring to it!

It wasn’t all just updates and announcements on Minecraft.net. It was also a year full of useless machines, dazzling decorations, village dictatorships, and as always: awe-inspiring community builds. After all, what would we be without the talented creators that keep blessing our blocky grid with their designs, year after year? I would be posting dirt house designs on a daily basis! Here’s a few favorites of real builds:

Minecraft.net is also about learning, and no one is a better teacher than Duncan Geere, our very own Minecraft historian. Every week, he delivers nitty-gritty details about biomes, items, and blocks – including their real-world counterparts. This year, we’ve seen him dig deep into basalt deltas, campfires, and not to mention my own personal favorite: the shulker box. Duncan has now written over 170 articles, which is quite a feat considering we pay him in cobblestone. Minecraft cobblestone. Will 2021 be the year he passes 200? Only time (and 30 more articles) will tell.

Of course, Duncan isn’t the only writer who made a mark on the site this year. While I’ve been busy crying in the cleaning closet over Tom Stone’s departure, other members of the editorial team have stepped up and risen to the challenge, delivering the latest Minecraft news and updates. I would love to tell you about their year, but typing in a confined space is not my forte, so I’ll let them summarize it themselves! First up: Kelsey Howard!

Wish granted, no refunds! Wait, I’m a genius, not a genie? No wait, I’m a degenerate! The genius I’m thinking of is Sofia Dankis, who just so happens to be next in line. Take it away, Sofia!

What an, er, à la carte of words! A, um, fait accompli to a beautiful coup de grâce! I’m not entirely sure what I’m saying right now, so I’m just going to force majeure my way out of this and go wake Cristina Anderca. Hey, Cris, you’re up!

I might. You know what they say: “Tell Per and your entire server will know!” Luckily, I won’t have time to share it since we’ve reached the end of this holiday wrap-up. Time to finally close down 2020. Good riddance, I say!

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