New on Java Realms: The Musical!

Not to toot my own fiddle but today I’m feelin’ as fit as a trumpet! I know you can’t unring a whistle but I am prepared to blow the bell on the fact that today’s release has a music theme! Yes, a music theme! Do we have 8 new maps with a music theme? Or is it just one, and I’m shoehorning it in just so I can promote my new band? Read on and you just might find out!

Museum of Music

Nothing soothes the soul like music. Don’t ask me how that works biologically, but if you’re curious about the concept of music, have I got the map for you! There’s lecture halls where you can learn musical concepts from beginner to advanced levels, or you could just grab one of the verifiable plethora of instruments included and learn by yourself. But enough about the map, let’s talk about my new musical ensemble that I’ve formed with my fellow Content Team members! We would like to delight you with a performance from the map’s concert hall, available for you to watch here right now!

Shrink Parkour 3

The leading scientists of Shrink Labs Co are back again with the highest numerical release of their Shrink Parkour series yet! This trilogy began in 2016, and while I don’t think anyone would discredit the previous entries anytime soon, I’ve always had a soft spot for threes in my trilogies. Third time’s the charm, three’s a crowd, three strikes and you’re out, and all of that. And the gameplay is as solid as ever – use your gadget to shrink yourself to maneuver through the factory’s air ducts, nooks and crannies, while moving bouncy slime between regular sized cauldrons in regular size. If you’re feeling too big for your britches or like a small fish in a big pond, this map can be your escape!


Palindroid is the name of my Hollywood screenplay about a robot who can only speak in palindromes and the young boy who befriends it. So I was naturally a bit apprehensive about this puzzle-based adventure map wearing my intellectual property as it’s title. Just as I was about to contact my lawyers, I decided I might as well play it first, and the main mechanic is kinda sweet! You program your droid with a set of commands, and once it has executed them all, it runs it back in reverse order! Which is pretty emblematic of the map’s title. Aaand puts a little bit of a damper on my literary pursuits. Fine, you win, Palindroid, the map. I was running out of ways to insert ‘racecar’ and ‘rotator’ into everyday conversations anyway.

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